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Ariel Vargas


International Operations

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Ariel Vargas

I am a very passionate leader at work, I love what I do and certainly consider that we must enjoy our second home, the place we spend nine hours or more of our day. I am a true believer, that our network as leaders, goes beyond our collaborators, as they are connected to their families and friends, we have a chance to change the world by making a difference in someone else’s life, you just need to open the door to their passion and innovation, and business will be successful as everyone will join in the direction you are leading.

Personal Information




Costa Rican

US Visa

Yes, B1 / B2


+506 8703-1326


Yes, Sponsorship required







Advanced Proficiency


  • Managing Director, Legal Representative, Country Spokesperson and Entrepreneur Roles

  • Global, Regional, Country, Site Experience

  • Spokesperson for Government, Academia, Industry and Media

  • Total Customer Experience

  • Outsourcing & Contact Center (Front and Back Office), BPO, Service Desk, Shared Services Experience

  • Executive, Client, Employee, Resource and Financial Management

  • Contract, SOW and SLA Management

  • New Accounts, Services and Products Implementation

  • Departments & Support Areas Management

  • Performance & Process Management

I have 29+ years of experience in the services and technology industry in Costa Rica, occupying several leadership positions in companies such as Acer, SYKES, IBM, HP and VMware and now Palo Alto Networks.

I am the Managing Director for Palo Alto Networks in Costa Rica, establishing and growing the company in country. The company started in November 2018 and we have been looking for new members to be part of this amazing journey.


Prior to my current role, I was the Managing Director of VMware in Costa Rica until Dec 2017, responsible for the company’s results and growth in country. I was also in charge of developing value-added strategies through the established operations, as a support center for several VMware organizations worldwide.


I was responsible for the growth of Costa Rica offices from 18 to ~700+ collaborators, in every area of business, including Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, IT, Technical Support, Business Intelligence, Partner Management, Contract Management, Legal, Real Estate & Workplace and many others.


The Costa Rica office was the fastest growing site in VMware, scoring at the top of every list in Corporate, including extremely high scores of VMware 2016 Employee NPS and achieving 1st place in Costa Rica and 8th place in Central America for companies between 100 and 1000 employees in Great Place to Work. Established an amazing brand in the market and VMware is very well known in the Costa Rica industry.

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